Back to school time for Philadelphia’s energy elite


As a busy professional, anxiety and stress can seem to creep up on you from time to time. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, busy accountant or partner in a thriving law firm, aches and pains can start to take shape and manifest itself on our worn-out bodies. Add to that the minutia of day to day living and pertinent responsibilities, it can seem obvious why the average American may be looking for a career change and get in touch with their inner, spiritual well-being.

Enter The Philadelphia School of Massage and Body Work, the answer to relief from body tension and job seekers in the Delaware Valley. Conveniently located in the robust Rittenhouse section of Center City, this is Philly’s only massage school in the major metropolitan area.

Spearheaded by entrepreneurs Donna Marie Zaida (47) and Julia Bayardi (33), this school is surely a one of a kind venture only Philly could create. After being in the healing world for 20 years studying Reiki, Shiatsu (literally finger pusher in Chinse), and other natural healing mechanisms, Zaida knows exactly what is needed to care for your massage needs.

Bayardi is no stranger to the anatomy of bodily elements, either. After a stint in Guilford College in North Carolina, she headed back north after things didn’t pan out well. Gaining what she could from learning comparative religious studies and philosophy, she honed her skills and parlayed them into massage school right here in the city of brotherly love. Now she is ready and able to help you with all your student needs and onto a career path to health and wellness.

Small class sizes, experienced instructors, and a well knowledgeable staff is just what you need to begin your massage schooling right here in Philadelphia. In the future, be on the lookout for work to be featured with the Horticultural Society, which is in developments for next spring.