On Wednesday, September 20th, Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) held an Executive Education Day in the DrexelBrook in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. It was lead by Katie Baer, the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Chapter. The theme was having an Infinite Impact on society as entrepreneurs and small business owners. The event kicked off with registration and breakfast with a welcome and overview lead by Brian Brault, who served on the Global Board of Directors for EO.

Abdul-Malik Muhammad, Ed.D, lead a talk on Principles of Restorative Leadership for a couple of hours followed by a more thorough and interactive discussion by Brault.

After a lunch break, Thriving by turning uncertainty to a competitive advantage was the theme lead by a presentation by Meridith Elliot Powell as well as a promotion of her book by the same title (Thrive). She gave an example of how Procter and Gamble accommodated it customers by finding a solution to their problems by surveying them and finding out they had a problem with their soap bars falling in the bathtub and losing it so they invented hollow soap that would float. It was emphasized that as entrepreneurs and small business owners, though we may find uncertainty in our workplace, there is always a solution to people’s burgeoning problems.

David Rosenthal then lead the crowd in a sing-along ceremony on the piano and Brian Brault concluded the event with closing remarks.

Katie Baer is executive director of the Philadelphia chapter for EO and says the organization exists to create and foster a community for local entrepreneurs and peer to peer learning group. It differs from other clubs in that it is not a networking group but rather provides an opportunity for members to connect with other like-minded individuals, being able to talk about similar struggles and acts as a sort of group therapy so people can learn and grow from other entrepreneurs.