Duwanne Cromwell

Title: Fashion Meets Small Business Owners for First Time in Philadelphia​

For South Philly local Dawane Cromwell, coming up with the next trend in fashion came very naturally for him. “I like to be an innovator and see what is popular now, and capitalize on it by adding new elements,” says the 34-year-old entrepreneur. Always on the lookout for opportunities, Mr. Cromwell has decided to combine his passion for small business ownership and the latest accessories that people are currently utilizing.


So it comes as no surprise that this upcoming week, Mr.Cromwell will spearhead the first ever “Philly Small Business Fashion Week”, a strategic and accurately calculated move to capitalize on not only two favorite past-times of his, but also with the spirit of giving back to the community. One hundred percent of the proceeds collected from this week’s event will go to a non-profit called Jaden’s Voice (www.JadensVoice.org) Jaden’s Voice works to enhance the lives of individuals and their families impacted by autism.


What sparked the interest to concoct such an extravagant fiesta is probably as fascinating as the event itself. Starting his own modeling agency under his umbrella company Embacy Entertainment in 2002, Mr. Cromwell would always send models out to the city to do their jobs, but would have a hard time getting them paid for their work. As his agency grew, a light-bulb flickered in his mind with the revelation that there were no platforms for boutiques in Philadelphia to feature his up and coming starlets. Looking to fill this void, Mr. Cromwell began conceptualizing and developing the idea of making modeling and fashion more geared towards the entrepreneurial and small business community, and his vision was birthed into what is becoming a bi-annual event of weeklong activities.


Never one to rest on his laurels, Mr. Cromwell knew he could not have made any of this possible without his colleagues by his side to help lead the way. “Team work makes the dream work,” he asserts, “and I couldn’t have done this without my staff of highly talented team that have assisted me in my journey.”


Mr. Cromwell is not stopping here, he is also currently planning thePhiladelphia Kids Fashion Week and the 2nd Annual Cooking Up Couture Showcase by teaming up with 10 celebrity chefs and two local designers to put on a production that will benefit Philabundance. Stay tuned.