Thrive Flower Jake and Judd

A new Cannabis business is hitting up the city of brotherly love in the form of Thrive Flower, a new small business destined to leave a mark on the residents of this city with various health ailments. Small Biz Philly sat down with 2 of the owners of this remarkable new business to discuss their plans for reshaping the city with this natural herb. Enjoy the interview:

1. What inspired you to start your business?

All the co-founders were knowledge about the cannabis industry for years. We all knew about CBD and all the amazing benefits it can provide about a year before CBD became very popular within the mainstream media. We all wanted to start a cannabis company and this was the perfect opportunity to get involved. We strongly believe in the beneficial use of cannabis so a big goal of ours was to help educate our local community about the benefits of cannabis and CBD.

We also noticed that there are A LOT of scammy/bunk/low quality CBD companies in the market. This was worrisome to us as cannabis advocates because it can easily lead people to believe CBD does not work when it actually can help people a lot. Because of this, we strived to create very high quality CBD products at a great price so our customers get the best CBD experience possible.

2. Who is your target market?

Our target market is our local community. It’s important for us to connect with the locals to create an authentic brand rapport. Also, we target people who are dealing with anxiety, stress, inflammation, pain, sleep, and appetite issues. CBD helps our body’s “endocannabinoid system” which controls the body’s psychological processes. A large portion of the population deals with these type of issues so we love to introduce them to a healthy and natural solution that can significantly help them.

3. What problem are you solving?

We are introducing the general population to a natural and healthy wellness solution. CBD is a natural cannabinoid from cannabis and can help with the body’s physiological processes such as mood, appetite, memory, focus, sleep, regulating pain, regulating inflammation, and anxiety. Many people who are big CBD users and advocates are able to use solely CBD products for these types of issues they deal with rather than prescription medications that can come with negative side effects.

4. What makes you different from competition?

As mentioned before, there are A LOT of scammy/bunk/low quality CBD companies on the market. This is because it is low barrier to entry into the CBD market and it is very easy to start a company. All you need is a lab test report or certificate of analysis (COA) of the products you are selling. However, there a many companies that do not even lab test their products or even provide very out dated or false COA’s. This is because many company owners may not know exactly what they are doing and regulation of quality CBD products is not enforced by the government at all.

So to differentiate ourselves as a high quality CBD company, we have QR codes on all our products that will show the customer the lab test reports for our products when scanned. In addition, we lab test every single batch of our products that are made for quality control. And even on top of that, we get all our product COA’s verified by

Real Tested CBD is doing the job the government should be doing in CBD market regulation. They give each tested company a brand review score compared to other tested companies on the website. All our products’ COA’s are reviewed by them to ensure the customer they are purchasing a high quality product.

5. Who inspired you growing up?

For Judd and I specifically, I guess we can say our mom was a big influence on our entrepreneurial visions and spirit. She has been a business owner our entire lives and we have just been learning about it for a long time.

6. Age?

Jake Wolff – 27

Judd Wolff – 28

Curt Matthias – 28

Colby Mills – 27

7. Future plans?

We plan to continue growing as Philadelphia’s high quality CBD company as people trust a local brand that focuses on cannabis education for the greater good. We also plan to introduce Delta-8 THC products to our product line soon. Delta-8 THC is a newer legal cannabinoid that does produce a psychoactive high much like the ever popular Delta-9 THC, however, it is about half the potency of Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 THC is a fantastic option for people that enjoy a psychoactive high, but dislike the negative side effects that may come with regular Delta-9 THC like anxiety or paranoia.