Real Estate has seen an economic shift as of recent in the Philadelphia Market. Even with gentrification looming and transplants on the rise, we are seeing the market boom with plenty of room for expansion. Ryan Bullock of is getting in on the action and wants you to know about his family’s contribution to our wonderful city.

Hailing from the Chestnut Hill area, Bullock, 25 with his older brother Ian, 28, are planning on revitalizing your residential space one block at a time. While working at a non-profit called Save the Children in downtown Philly, Ryan was approached by a gentleman that happened to work in real estate. After learning more about the man’s offer, Ryan decided to jump head-first into the business, since entrepreneurship was already in his blood since his mother already owned real estate and his uncle owned a plumbing business.

Innovation has always been thriving force behind Philadelphia, and Buying Property 215 is certainly no exception. With a background in computer science and behavioral health, the two brothers are combining their academic acumen to create a business model referral program that is second to none. A young company that is now excelling in our region, expect great things to come from this startup. The Bullocks are certainly on a mission to help those less fortunate get out of “crappy situations” by creating an incentive program for any referrals that come their way, raising the standard commission fee set by other competitors.

2020 was a grueling year for all of us from the pandemic, but with true Philly grit and sheer determination, the Bullocks are working harder than ever to persevere and stay on their grind now that restrictions are starting to be lifted and Philadelphia is getting back to business as usual. Be on the lookout for more perks and incentives during this time of Philly’s housing boom.