Avoila Strives To Convert Consumers To Clean Beauty With Avocado ...

Originally hailing from Brooklyn and growing up in Long Island, Grace O’Sullivan, who now calls South Philly home, has started a new product line to help those that are looking for an all-natural way to deal with certain skin conditions. A life-long sufferer of eczema, the 52-year old decided to turn to organic recipes. Having experienced burning sensations on her face after using various over the counter brands, she began looking for a more tolerable way to treat her symptoms. Being a life-long fan of the avocado, she decided to take this kitchen staple into serious consideration. After seeing the benefits on her own skin, she worked with a formulator to concoct an avocado skin oil treatment with organic avocado oil from Kenya, so she could share the benefits with others. 

O’Sullivan moved to Philadelphia in 2013 after a chance meeting with her future husband while vacationing in Arizona. The two fell in love and got married and has now become a bona-fide Philly transplant. What she likes most is the ambiance she feels that is very closely related to how New York City used to feel.

Having spent 34 years in the advertising industry, O’sullivan is very well-versed with how to market a product and meet the needs of the everyday consumer. Now that she is out of that game and focusing on her home-based business, she is able to parlay those skills into her Shopify store along with her business partner in California. Her father also was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, having had his own engineering business while being a fine artist himself.  He instilled in her confidence conveying that she could put anything she put her mind to. Both parents have pushed her to become successful and maintained a support system. It also helps that her husband works in public relations and is a big proponent of O’Sullivan’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

Women between the ages of 35 and 55 will get the most benefit out of the suite of organic avocado oil skincare line. The product is sure to help with having a more youthful appearance while adding luster to their epidermis.

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