Shannon Morales


Creating impact for the most vulnerable of communities is a mission close to the heart of Shannon Morales. With all the chaos surrounding Covid-19 and local business shutdowns, the 32 year old entrepreneur is setting out to help those right now dealing with this unprecedented pandemic.


Hailing originally from north Jersey but now calling Princeton home, Morales is developing roots right here in Philadelphia with her new app, Stealthify. Though this isn’t her first venture into the tech world, having previously launched Echo Me Forward as a diverse staffing company, she is still excited to partake in another startup that will help ease the pain the world is currently experiencing.


Noticing that Philadelphia is the poorest major city in America, Morales set out to create a product to help those that are low-income in underrepresented areas that didn’t have access to adequate resources. As a social entrepreneur, she wants to create a betterment for the community.


Stealthify is an app that allows you to create a profile that generates a personalized dashboard. Once created, you are able to select on a map how far you are from an infected area as well as find a store nearby that’s not crowded. You are incentivized to keep your social distance by gaining points and rewards such as virtual fitness courses. This solves the problem of bringing health awareness right at your finger tips.