Opportunities sometimes fall into the laps of the most unsuspecting person, and such is the case of 32 year oldĀ Susan Padron, CEO and founder of Susan Padron Personal Stylyist, an image consulting freelancer servicing the local tri-state area. What started out as a hobby soliciting advice to close friends has now turned into a full-fledged business for this Yardley native now making her home in Cherry Hill, NJ. “I took a year off from being a middle school teacher after having my son in 2016, ” she informs Small Biz Philly. “I was unhappy with the educational system I was a part of while at the same time my friends were unhappy with the current image consulting services available to them. With my extra free time, I began consulting them and found an opportunity that could lead to financial success using my existing gifts and talents while improving on a service that others were complaining about.” Around this time, clothing subscription services were gaining in popularity and Padron decided to seize the moment and jump on this wild band wagon.

After taking an online course with the Fashion Institute of Technology and getting certified with the School of Style, she quit her full-time teaching position and dove head first into the exhilarating world of fashion.

So what makes her image consulting business different from others offering similar services in the market? It’s simple. “I really listen to my clients and find out what their needs are and how my services can meet those needs,” says Padron. “I listen to the description of the clothes and translate that into fashion. I help select a curated wardrobe for them and go shopping with them after doing an intensive closet audit. We then map out an action plan and revamp their entire wardrobe for whatever outfit is suitable for their upcoming event.”

Providing consulting for both men and women primarily in the 25-45 age range, many professionals will find her image consulting useful for those that are in a life transition and need to spruce up their fashion sense and may not have the time. Starting at $75 an hour, hiring Padron for her services are great especially for the holidays when most people would much rather spend that time with their loved ones.

Being an image consultant has definitely come around full-circle for this once shy suburban girl and found challenges coming out of her own shell. Growing up, she spent many times going clothes shopping with her mother as her mom guided her on what not to wear and find appropriate clothing accessories. Now the tables have turned as Padron finds herself as an expert in the field of design and image consulting, while still finding time to spend time with her 3 1/2 year old son who can be seen spending his morning and evenings playing different musical instruments in the house with her husband who was also a former music teacher.

You can follow Susan Padron on Instagram @SusanPadron_Stylist

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